Sameer Thakar Blog

Sameer Thakar maintains a diverse body of interests that span from sports and athletics to education and music. His training was in education. He has studied various theories in pedagogy to help individuals learn and retain information better. This has enabled him to be a better educator and learner as well.

Sameer Thakar has used his experience in education to learn many things on his own. His interests include IT, computer software, automobiles, world travel, international cuisines, and green living. Sameer Thakar believes that everyone should have a diverse group of interests, so they are better rounded and have a fuller understanding of the world.

This is none more evident than his interests in music. He is big fan of such Indian greats as Lata mangeshkar, Jagjit Singh, Mehdi Hassan, Bhimsen Joshi, Ravi Shankar, Ram Narayan, Sultan khan, Rashid khan, Shahid Pervez, Kaushiki Chakraborty, Shreya Goshal, and Arijit Singh. However, at the same time, he also interested in Western classical and a wide variety of music instruments and various forms of music production.

In addition, Sameer Thakar is also an avid fitness enthusiast. He runs to stay in shape and focus his mind. He also can be found playing cricket, tennis, and racquet ball. If he is not here, he might be sitting at a table, playing someone in chess – one of his favorite activities to do to exercise the mind.

This blog will be as diverse as Sameer Thakar’s interests. It will feature news, tips, reviews, and more, so be sure to check it out often to learn something new.